Artist Spotlight: My Interview with Borgore

“You are just so happy,” said my favorite EDM DJ, better known as Borgore. I smiled, and blushed a rosiest blend of pink. I had never imagined that I would be interviewing the man that makes up the majority of my “Top Most 25 Played” playlist on my iPhone.


When we sat down for the interview, I noticed that his sneakers were full of scribbles. I decided to ask why his Van’s were used as an art canvas rather than a canvas sneaker. He took me through some of the phrases and images on his shoes and explained that they were filled with inside jokes from his best friend Justin who was also on tour with him. The whole tour group seemed like they were very close and were having a lot of fun together just goofing around.

During the interview, Borgore’s honest sarcasm caught me off guard. Yes, I expected him to be unlike any one else that I had interviewed, but he was also quick witted and very interesting to have a conversation with. Nothing was off limits. We began talking about fruit and he shared some very important life advice with me: “There are three things in life that should always be raw – fruit, fish, and sex.”


After having interesting conversation, I got to sit next to him during his set. He preformed from 1am-2am at TENN nightclub and the place was packed! I looked out into the crowd from the DJ booth and saw a sea of laser lights, fog machines, and screaming girls sitting on boy’s shoulders. I always wondered what the crowd looked like through the DJ’s eyes. When Borgore started his set, everyone went CRAZY. Everyone was dancing and singing along with huge smile’s on their faces.

Watching Borgore do his set was an unforgettable experience. As he twisted dials and moved levers, it almost was like he was speaking another language. It was mesmerizing to watch, and even more exciting to wait for the crowd’s reaction. If you ever get a chance to see a Borgore show, do it. And if you get to meet him, ask him about the writing on his shoes!

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