*Misses Email To Work For Condé-Nast*

*dies a little*


*a lot*

How very Andy of me. I would miss the email for the job that “a million girls would kill for.”


If you don’t already know, let me make it clear to you – I never miss an important email. This is the first time in my life that this has happened, and I feel as if the ball has been completely dropped.

To be fair, though, this email was sent to me during a hurricane. I currently go to school at Florida State Univeristy and Tallahassee was nothing but power outages for an entire week. My emails over that time built up and I simply was two weeks late replying to an email that would have changed my life.

I got an email from a woman whom I very much admire and look up to, to interview for a position to be her assistant. She works at my favorite magazine, like, ever.  Working for Condé -Nast is what I’ve always imagined my dream job to be and I never thought it would ever be attainable. But it just had been.

I know that I would be an amazing assistant. I would blossom into a valued member of the staff. I could offer such fun ideas and visions that would continuously propel the company forward. You know why? Because I have style. My style comes with an obsessive side that wants to make sure everything is going smoothly, everything and everyone is taken care of, and being constantly innovative. They say fashion comes and goes, but style is everything. Sure I have a sense of style in the clothing sense, but I wear my personality and confidence as if it’s never going “out.”

Sometimes life happens, and this is one of those scenarios. My friend Alex told me that there was some silver lining since I’m definitely not the first to miss an important email. We’re human, we make mistakes, but it’s how we recover from those mistakes that shows our true character, true work ethic, our true style.



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