Why You Should Raid Your Dad’s Closet This Fall

It’s a disease we all have. It’s a sickness we’ve all experienced. It’s a challenge that we have all had to overcome when getting dressed. “It” is called ” I have nothing to wear.”

Even when staring at a closet full of clothes, a heap of clothes on the floor, or even clothes that are dirty – this problem can happen to any of us. The cure? Raid the closest woman’s closet for new fashions, new ideas, a “fresh” look. Well, if there is anything that I have learned while living in NYC this summer, it’s the fact that clothing is becoming more gender neutral. I’m a girl who is willing to take a few risks in fashion, and have recently wandered into the men’s section at several stores. If I can give you any advice for the Fall, it’s to skip raiding your mother’s, sister’s, and best girl friend’s closet, and go for your dad’s, boyfriend’s, brother’s, best guy friend’s or even your most recent hookup’s closet.

Make sure you get permission before borrowing! Here are my top 5 things to go for in any man’s closet.

Loafers – Loafers are having a big moment here in New York City. For just these past two weeks, I’ve started to see more and more women’s feet adorned in all styles. If your feet are a similar size to the man who owns the closet, I say take them for a spin down the street!


ASOS get the look HERE

Flannels – I get all my flannels from my step father’s closet. He recently was going to retire some from his wardrobe because they were looking a little worn. When I saw the sad flannels sitting in a donation heap in our home, I decided that they would have a new home in my closet! I think flannels look better when they are more worn in. Also, the more oversized – the better. A flannel can make a great “cardigan” or is even a great way to hide a little bit of weight gain in the tummy when fastened around the waist. I also like to throw an oversized flannel around my waist when I wear leggings and a white t shirt so my bottom doesn’t feel as exposed.


Patagonia get the look HERE

Leather Jackets – In NYC, there isn’t a season where people aren’t wearing leather jackets….it’s true. Having a good leather jacket in your mix can really spice up your look. If the jacket is a bit oversized on your shape, hanging the jacket just so on your shoulders without putting your arms in the holes is a great way to add a sophisticated but edgy element to your look. You always want to look like you “tried without trying” and that is one of the best ways to do it.


G -Eazy in Saint Laurent get it HERE

T-Shirts – Adding a men’s graphic tee to your regular athleisure attire or even with a pair of cutoffs is a really fun idea. Even grabbing an oversized t-shirt and styling it as a dress is always a fun and comfortable idea as well. Bonus points if you can add loafers or a flannel to the look!


Marc by Marc Jacobs get the look HERE

Camo – Guys seem to have something camo in their wardrobe and this fall is going to be all about how much camo you can add to an outfit without going completely invisible. You also get bonus points if you can rock the camo cargo pants from 2002!


TopMan get the look HERE


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