Stuff Only Jaclyn Hill Fans Understand

Because everyone should know how to blend until their fingers bleed.



If you stumble upon this article and don’t know who Jaclyn Hill is you seriously need to stop what you are doing right now and go find her on YouTube and subscribe. You are welcome. Anyway, being a millennial, I’ve grown up in a world where I have learned to basically do everything from YouTube. Of course when I became interested in makeup, there is only so much a mom can teach you. So when I decided to branch out of the 15 year -old drug store make up routine and really start focusing on how to make my makeup look better, I found Jaclyn Hill. Now, my brows have never been fleekier, my foundation never as flawless, my contour never as sharp, my lashes never as dramatic, and my highlight never as champagne poppin’.

I owe some of my good looks to my parents, but the rest I owe to Jaclyn Hill.


This year alone, I’ve spent more money on makeup than I ever have in my life. Of course it’s makeup that Jaclyn Hill swears by. And I don’t regret it one bit.


Although her videos make you want to spend your entire paycheck on new product, I’ve noticed that I have become more confident in trying new looks. tumblr_ni364mx0uu1sv9gf3o1_500.jpg

I have also learned A LOT about technique when applying make up and little tips and tricks that makes my makeup stay #flawless.



I am a loyal subscriber because I have already seen every single one of her videos. New and old. And maybe I’ve even creeped to find her and Jon’s wedding video on YouTube (don’t lie I know you all have done it).



If you are with me so far in this article you know that even though she appears to be #flawless in her videos, she opens up about the #notsoflawless things in life which makes her even more relatable. 


I admit it. I am guilty for staying up super late, procrastinating on hw, getting ready for work, class etc. because I was too busy watching Jaclyn Hill videos.



And, the last and final thought that I know all of you are thinking: 


Thanks for reading and please share!





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